The Breaker: New Waves 120

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts, Romance, Shounen

Manga The Breaker: New Waves chapter 120 was released on June 16, 2013. Use direct download link below to get this chapter for free.
The moment this fight started... as far as I was concerned, the outcome was already decided... it's either my victory... or death. Nothing else.
Shi-Woon is wondering whether his attack successfully hit Ju Sang-Sik. He recalls the memory when he was taught that using one's brains in a fight is more crucial, how to use feint movements before to do main attack to the opponent. But soon, it is revealed that his attack didn't work and instead Ju Sang-Sik is able to jab his right hand, which is later known that the old man is trying to subdue him using his special skill. Shi-Woon is confuse to what happened. He thought that his attack was perfect.

Shi-Woon then tries to do his attack again and is surprised that the old man keeps the distance close enough. Using his left hand, Shi-Woon tries to hit Ju Sang-Sik, but again the old man fending the attack only using one finger to much more confusing Shi-Woon Yi who thinks that he has hit him properly. Ju Sang-Sik then explains about what he is trying to do, the technique that is called "Five Phases Acupoint Art". The purpose is to jab the five pain-acupoints on the human body in order to create a tremendous pain. So far Shi-Woon already got two of those five places. Ju Sang-Sik asks Shi-Woon to surrender and he will not use the technique on him.

Doesn't understand what the old man is trying to do, Shi-Woon only thinks that he has done something wrong and should get the right timing on his next attack. But again what happened next is more surprising and confusing him to which Ju Sang-Sik keeps the distance close and moves quickly, jabbing both of Shi-Woon's thighs. Doesn't really realize for what actually happened, Shi-Woon starts to feels a bit of pain on his hand. Ju Sang-Sik then warns him to better stop and imagine the pain that he's gonna get.

Ignoring that warning, Shi-Woon keeps moving, to think that if he stop now there's nothing left then defeat. Leaving him with no other choices, Ju Sang-Sik completed the technique by jabbing Shi-Woon chest in his next attack, making him unable to move and starts to feel an extremely pain. Ju Sang-Sik then asks the agents to take care the rest.

Shi-Woon Yi, Jung Lae Won, Ju Sang-Sik, Murim Special Ops

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