The Breaker: New Waves 119

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts, Romance, Shounen

Manga The Breaker: New Waves chapter 119 was released on June 9, 2013. Use direct download link below to get this chapter for free.
It's your win if you can last until that help arrives, regardless of whether you run or fight! However, if I can immobilize you before it gets here, then it's my win!
Ju Sang-Sik finally decided to enter the fight and surprisingly got a formal challenge to fight from Shi-Woon Yi. Soon after his challenge is accepted, Shi-Woon starts to attack, but nothing works. Ju Sang-Sik keeps dodging the attacks, even with only using one finger he could push Shi-Woon back. Realizes that the old man is too strong and there are too much Murim Special Ops, Shi-Woon decides to fight honorably as the Sun-Woo Clan Head.

Ju Sang-Sik doesn't want Shi-Woon to fight him to the death, then plans to bound him in a deal. He then gives a hope to Shi-Woon by telling him that Sun-Woo Clan helicopter is about to arrive in 20 minutes, and offering him to win if he could last until it arrives. Shi-Woon accepts that offer without any objections. But soon he realizes that the offer is just a trick for him, because he believes that the old man is able to overcome him in that time frame. Shi-Woon then decides to try his best and ready to lose his life.

Shi-Woon Yi, Jung Lae Won, Ju Sang-Sik, Jang-Il Jeong (Image), Murim Special Ops

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