One Piece 710

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Shounen

Manga One Piece chapter 710 is released on June 5, 2013. Use direct download links below to download this chapter for free. Available in Mangapanda and Mangastream version, enjoy your favorite.
Green Bit, the unpopulated island north of Dressrosa.
Bellamy is being taken away along with the other defeated fighters after the B block battle royal has finished and Bartolomeo as the winner. Luffy talks to Bellamy that he has changed but he denies it. For him, it is Luffy, the one who has changed, especially about the whole "rooting for him" thing that has crushed his pride. After saying that thing, Bellamy call Luffy with the name Mugiwara, which is unknowingly overheard by Bartolomeo.

Elsewhere, the "Caesar Exchange Team" is making their way across the iron bridge to the Green Bit with 45 minutes left until the exchange time. At the middle of their way, they are attacked by the fighting fish that powerfull enough to bend the iron fence of the bridge. Robin and Usopp try to handle them, but there are too many of them to deal with. Law suggests them to run away and also tells Usopp to take off Caesar's handcuffs so that he may help out. But Usopp disagrees with him and thinks that Caesar will fly away. Law assured it will not be happened since he still has Caesar's heart. Caesar though angry helps out by defeating some of the fish while the other free run.

Unfortunately, on the way up ahead they see that the bridge is broken and they cannot cross. A large fighting fish tries to attack them but is stopped by a fishing net by an unseen people. When they hear voices on the other side, Usopp tries to call out for help if they can help get across the bridge. This however surprises and scares off the mysterious people. Law then forces Caesar to use his gas power to fly them over to Green Bit.
Upon their arrival at Green Bit they notice that the sea is full of shipwrecks caused by the fighting fishes, while Usopp notices that there is a navy ship crashed into the island. Robin then observes it using her binocular and confirms that it seems the ship just recently got there. Caesar starts to think whether their exchange has been leaked and asks Law to cancel it. But Law refuses him and asks Usopp and Robin to observe the forest.

14 minutes left until exchange, Robin and Usopp walk into the forest and found out a group of marines are talking to an unseen person. The marines ask if he is Mugiwara to which get the answer that his name is Leo. The marines ask Leo to to come out, but he instead asks whether they are a good guy or a bad guy. Leo then asks them to hand over their weapon after the marines answer that they are the good guy. But they refuse it and ask Leo again to come out. In the blink of an eye, the marines are stripped down to their underwear which makes them run away from that place. Robin then uses her devil fruit power, tries to capture the unseen guy whom she believes is dwarves.

Monkey D. Luffy, Bellamy, Bartolomeo, Usopp, Nico Robin, Trafalgar Law, Caesar Clown, Smoker (flashback), Leo (unseen)

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Eiichiro Oda