Fairy Tail 334

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Shounen, Supernatural

Manga Fairy Tail chapter 334 is released on June 7, 2013. Use direct download link below to get this chapter for free. Available only in Mangastream version.
The sacrifice of the precious thing known as 'life'.
The time known as 'life', cannot be rewound.
Erza tells Millianna that she has already forgiven Jellal for what he did. But Millianna cannot accept this, she still can't forgive him because he killed Simon and held them in the Tower of Heaven. She really want to kill Jellal but Erza disagree with her intents and reminds her that killing him won't change anything.

As Millianna grows even more heated at the idea, Ultear suddenly comes toward them and tells Millianna that her hatred of Jellal has always been misdirected. Ultear confesses that she was the one who has controlled Jellal and responsible for the Tower of Heaven and Simon's death. She is willing to take on whatever hatred Millianna has inside her, after the war is over.

Elsewhere, Rogue is still struggling inside his mind with what Revire told him about his future. His thoughts are interrupted by Sting though, after his sudden appearance at that place. Rogue then asks if Sting has already defeated the dragon he was fighting before, which is soon revealed that he hasn't, as Scissor Runner appears in chasing him to that place. Sting then reminds Rogue about their teamwork and asks to join him to take down those two dragons.

At another place, Meredy approaches Juvia to ask if she has seen Ultear anywhere, but she hasn't too. Before Juvia finishes her words, they are interrupted by Gray who suddenly pushes them aside to save them from a magic beam shot from one of Motherglare's minions. After joined them, Lyon tells them to not let their guard down as they are in a warzone. Gray then tells Juvia that he has something important to talk, to which early interpreted by Juvia that it could be the confession of love. Though before Gray can speak, Lyon notices that there is another minion firing its magic beam at Juvia's back. When Juvia turns back her body, there is no more time to dodge the attack. Gray quickly pushes Juvia aside and takes the shot. Shortly, more Motherglare's minions appear and quickly firing multiple attacks into Gray's body, while Juvia, Meredy and Lyon can only watch on in a horror.

Millianna, Jellal Fernandes, Erza Scarlet, Ultear Milkovich, Kagura Mikazuchi, Natsu Dragneel (flashback), Rogue Cheney, Revire, Sting Eucliffe, Scissor Runner, Meredy, Juvia Lockser, Gray Fullbuster, Lyon Vastia

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Hiro Mashima