Gamaran 187

Genre: Action, Historical, Martial Arts, Shounen

Manga Gamaran chapter 187 was released on May 16, 2013. Use direct download link below to get this chapter for free.
At last, he arrives at the conclusion to fight! Zenmaru's got a big battle in front of him!!
The story so far:
Gama secures victory against Ranmaru. Kai and Kujou's battle ends with Kai being heavily wounded by an ambush. And Iori finally squares off against Jinsuke.

Gama was surprised when he knew from Ranmaru that Jinsuke is dying. Ranmaru then continues to tell Gama that Jinsuke has devoted all of his life for swordsmanship and swordsmen, like Gama and the others fought their way for their friends.
At another place, Jinsuke is facing Iori who really want to get the title of "strongest of all time" that belongs to Jinsuke for all this time. Jinsuke understands Iori's ambition, and then going to enlighten him about how much value the title really carries. The clash between them is inevitable anymore. Iori feels confident to be able to overcome him and be the successor of his swords. On their first clash, they realize that both their attack are equal and then Jinsuke tries to push Iori back. But, however, Iori manages to hold his position and even pushes Jinsuke back and wounds him. Iori then reaffirms that he won't lose, because Jinsuke is carrying around the dead weight. Moreover, he thinks that Jinsuke's principle about swordsmanship has made the sword slow and light. But for Jinsuke, Iori is not decent for that principle about swordsmanship. Suddenly Jinsuke makes his attack and is able to wound Iori with his slash, which makes Iori really surprised that he almost couldn't follow that speed.
Meanwhile, Zenmaru is now facing Kujou, going to take him out in order to defend his big brother, Kai. Kai tries to tell Zenmaru to not fight against Kujou, but Zenmaru cuts off his words and tells him to not worry about him and watch the progress and strength he has got.

Uchikawa Manjirou, Gama Kurogane, Naoyoshi Washitzu, Itou Ranmaru, Sengoku Iori, Jinsuke Kurogane, Ichinose Kai, Ichinose Zenmaru, Kujou Mario

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