Fairy Tail 329

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Shounen, Supernatural

Manga Fairy Tail chapter 329 is released on April 30, 2013. Use direct download link below to get this chapter for free. Enjoy the release from Mangapanda and Mangastream.
"Rogue controls the dragons!! Will the dragon slayers become the hope of humanity!!?"
The story so far:
The Gate of Eclipse opened and dragons came back from 400 years ago!! Joining their forces, the two Celestial Wizards Lucy and Yukino somehow managed to close it, but 7 dragons made it to this world. As if that's not enough, Rogue reveals his motives: using "Dragon Controlling Magic" he directs the dragons, with the intent of killing all the wizards!! Will Natsu and all the others be able to save this world!?

Natsu Dragneel, Future Rogue Cheney, Atlas Flame, Erza Scarlet, Juvia Lockser, Freed Justine, Gajeel Redfox, Bixlow, Warren Rocko, Levy McGarden, Lisanna Strauss, Elfman Strauss, Gray Fullbuster, Makarov Dreyar, Macao Conbolt, Romeo Conbolt, Wakaba Mine, Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Lector, Frosch, Rufus Lohr, Weisslogia, Orga Nanagear, Acnologia, Vijeeter Ecor, Max Alors, Arania Web, Risley Law, Beth Vanderwood, Cana Alberona, Lucy Heartfilia, Wendy Marvell, Happy, Laxus Dreyar, Lahar, Doranbolt, Cobra

Mangapanda:"Seven Dragon"
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Hiro Mashima